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Studies - Permits

«Creativity is nothing but a mind set free.»
Torrie T. Asai

Our company undertakes both indoor and/or outdoor architectural studies that will provide answers for any residential or professional need you may have. The studies we undertake deal with all the stages of construction, with the ultimate goal of achieving:

  1. Contact with the customer (identification of his needs, information on any particularities of the construction project or any structural limitations etc.)
  2. Mapping of the current position/situation (data integrity measurements and systematic mapping of existing sites).
  3. Preliminary architectural study (basic plan of suggestions - solutions, working with client to choose the most suitable solution).
  4. Photorealistic imagery (making three-dimensional - photorealistic plans to give you a complete picture of the solution that is under consideration).
  5. Final study (preparation of the final study by our scientific team, preparation of plans and data needed for the necessary permits to be granted).
  6. Presentation of a series of digital videos - guided tours on the premises of the building).

Structural studies

Our company, with its scientific knowledge, many years’ experience and unparalleled precision, will undertake to prepare a structural study of any client’s buildings. These studies are always based on current European and Greek legislation and related regulations.

Thanks to our highly-trained scientific staff, we always ensure a much higher standard of safety in our buildings than that required by urban planning regulations.


Our company will help you in the issuance of all kinds of construction permits and approvals which you might need. We always keep up-to-date with the relevant laws and regulations.