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Facility Management

«Action is the foundational key to all success…»
Pablo Picasso

We provide an integrated network of services which means we can undertake the complete management of any corporate or residential building.

Following on-site inspection and a study of the type of building required, the condition and the client’s immediate and long-term needs, we create flexible management programmes which are tailored to meet all requirements. These management programmes are designed to facilitate business operation, and to make the lives of those who own and use the building easier.

A building’s inclusion in our management programme ensures that we can provide the right service at the right time, and also achieves:
A reduction in the running costs and total maintenance costs
A simplified management and maintenance procedure
Speedier procedures for maintenance and/or repairs
Increase in business productivity and efficiency
A better environment for human resources
That the building maintains its value
Our personalised customer service, our highly trained executives (architects, civil engineers, engineers, etc.), our many experienced technicians with a variety of specialisations, the rapid response from our mobile maintenance teams and our detailed management programmes guarantee that every building we manage retains its value, its functionality and its appearance.

As examples, we have mentioned some of the management services we offer below:

  • Building works
  • Electromechanical works
  • Ventilation and air conditioning maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance carried out at appropriate intervals.
  • Competitive costs and efficient business processes
  • Support from skilled craftsmen and highly trained scientific staff
  • Innovative ideas to improve productivity and efficiency
  • Immediate replacement of any faults
  • Quality guarantee for work and parts
  • 24 hour telephone centre to report faults